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Fidget Cube Plum n is more, when you cry to go It is unreasonable that her way of preserving her son is to belittle me, my breath is not fluent, turned to go outside, it is not willing to face such a bitch. You hit it I d like to see who the person is crying at that time She took out the call, I opened the door to leave home, thinking, since all have come to this step today, it is better to come to a fish dead net broken Chapter 35 fidget cube plum Who was the buy fidget cube antsy labs man last night The repair I am aggressive out fidget toys for the classroom of the district door, not over God, was the bulk of the distribution of Gu Jiayun seize fidget cube plum the shoulder. This is really, fidget cube at target Gu Jiayun never pay attention to gesture, like today, such a mad mother like the appearance can be really never seen, that is, she just abortion a.

she said these words are not meaningless, but damn, I do not understand her deep meaning, fidget cube plum in order not to show my clumsy, I will not speak the mouth, waiting for her to say. I do not speak. She had a conversation without a conversation. Pull back the question said my mother is now out of things, I have no one to rely on people, I now come, that is, you want a word, as long as you can save my mother, I guarantee that later, Do not bother your little day. She is actually asking for the words, but she said the tone is not like seeking people, the kind of high above, charity tone, it is annoying. I shook my head and fidget cube silver fidget cube plum said, I can not do anything. Her mother that is a violation of the law okay Where can it be saved to fidget cube plum save buy fidget cube kickstarter edition fidget cube plum out, she put th.thing, but fidget cube plum now the wicked first fidget cube plum complain that I hate you, if I really dislike you, will not follow you back So now you are Do you want to tell me Do you really want to tell me Have you ever had anything to do I said, fidget cube plum would you believe me He said, I will believe you I nodded, as long as you say, I believe. This time where you want so many, as long as he is willing to tell me, I believe he said. Lu s lips are a bit dry, he was silent for a long time, suddenly said Can you give me a cup of coffee If this is usually, I will give him a big white eyes, the heart that you are playing me Even to the door of fidget cube plum the thing, you say this, but the immediate situation, his appearance is really slumped, I know he is also fidget cube camo very struggling heart, this.

Fidget Cube Plum I try to make myself calm, but these words is really hold on the mouth, do not fidget cube purple say it, my heart make life difficult. Lu s patting my back, good. Do fidget cube noise not breathe, the doctor said you want a fidget cube plum smooth mood, relax. I looked at him and really wanted to cry. At this time, feel that they fidget cube india buy are not very good things, he came back, a year outside, do not know if there is no injury, do not know the hardships did not. But my heart always remember those who hung with those resentment, he has been lukewarm, in fact, I fidget cube plum know that he is fidget cube features not easy, but for their own point of gas, these are not easy, I was ignored. Sometimes in which they do not feel wrong, and fidget cube plum now there is a mirror like the same person, so I also see their own unbearable. Really is very s.

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